Southpoint Surgery Center is a state of the art ambulatory surgery center, combining an outstanding workplace for staff with a safe and comfortable environment for patients. The facility is designed to be flexible to meet the changing needs of healthcare. Southpoint Surgery Center provides a timely, accessible, cost effective alternative to surgical care. By incorporating the center’s unsurpassed integrity with cutting edge technology, both physicians and patients will enjoy high quality care in a unique setting.


At Southpoint Surgery Center each of our team members, from our highly skilled nursing staff to our distinguished doctors, ensures our patients receive exemplarily care. Southpoint Surgery Center is an intermediary between physicians and patients, to foster the common goals of efficiency, innovation, technology, safety, and quality.


We regard our employees, patients, and physicians with the highest esteem.


Southpoint Surgery Center creates an environment where doctors can perform low risk, high quality out patient procedures without costly hospital admission. Southpoint Surgery Center operates as an efficient and cost effective out patient surgery center.


Southpoint Surgery Center is committed to operating our business with integrity and honesty. We adhere to all federal, state, and local regulations affecting our operation, and strive to surpass the standards to create a truly extraordinary facility.


Southpoint Surgery Center offers the most sophisticated diagnostic testing and instrumentation, distinguished physicians, and highly skilled staff.


Our facility is one of only a few ambulatory surgery centers in Jacksonville that provides four top “Class C” operating rooms. We are proud to serve the Northeast Florida community.